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Friday, February 19th, 2010

The class schedule for Feb. 23rd, 2010, is as follows:

6:00pm to 7:00pm – Class for all students
7:15pm to Finish – Demonstration & Awards

Senior Brown Belts are eligible to demonstrate B. Boards, which are available for $1.00 each.

The new trimester begins the following week, on March 2nd.

Summer Annual 2010

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Members will be meeting this year at Sylvan Lake. The camp will be held between June 3rd-6th, 2010. Make sure to reserve a site, to make a reservation click below or call 1-800-678-2267. (If you live in the
Denver Area call 303-470-1144.)

Sylvan Lake

Mr. Kreinbrink, II Dan will be staying in cabin 8. Instructors interested in giving seminars should contact Mr. Kreinbrink, before May 15th, to finalize the itinerary. This is a Colorado state park located near Aspen, Colorado. If you are in
need of a map please click below.

Forms in the Park

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

July 25th, 2009 – Forms in the Park will be held again at the Sheridan Community Park. All senior brown belts preparing for black belt are encouraged to attend. Remember to bring water.

The schedule is as follows:
9:15-10:30am Rank Testing
10:30-11:00am Empty Hand Forms
11:00-11:30am Fan & Rubber Nunchaku
11:30-11:59am Staff & Wooden Sword (13+ Years)

For those students testing only, there is the normal test fee.
For those students participating in the Forms or Weapons study there is a $2.00 registration fee to offset the park rental fees.

Sheridan Test, Black Belt Club & Stripe Testing

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

The following rank promotions were given on May 27th, at the Sheridan Test.

Blue Belt – 1
Senior Brown Belt – 1

Afterwards, the Black Belt Club met and stripe testing was held for those getting ready for black belt. Black Belt Club meets on Wednesdays 7:00pm at the Sheridan Rec. Center. Students interested in attending should be Brown (and above) and pay regular facility use. Currently, there are 11 students preparing for 1st degree and 2 preparing for 2nd degree. For those working towards 1st degree, there are five colored belt stripes.

White – Paper turned in.
Yellow – Chung Mu form
Green – Testing experience (watching from tester’s perspective)
Red – Basics
Blue – All Forms (4 Directional Punch to Chung Mu)

The next stripe testing will be held after the next belt test. The next test day is planned to coincide with the Forms in the Park event. Forms in the Park is tentatively set for July. Last year, we demonstrated at the Sheridan Bash Barbeque following Forms in the Park. If people are interested in doing a Barbeque let Mr. R. Kreinbrink, II Dan know by June 12th.

CTK Test, Demo and Awards

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Testing at Christ the King was held on May 19th. A total of 14 Students tested for the next belt rank. Additionally, Mr. G. Nakamura, I Dan and 5 Senior Brown Belts attended.

Demonstrations began on May 26th at 7:15pm. Students performed Basics and the Form 4-Directional Punch (Sa-Ju Chireugi) as a Group. Then each rank performed basics and combinations for their level. Highlights included student’s choice combinations of:

Brown – Spinning Reverse Turning Kick + Front + Turning Kick + Turning Back Kick
Senior Brown – 1-Step Jump Front Snap Kick + Tornado Kick + Turning Kick + Turning Back Kick
Some Impromptu Combinations were given by the instructor and students.
Most, additionally, chose to perform another form for the audience. Next students performed self-defense techniques on the instructor. Defenses included:
White – Straight Wrist Grab, Reversed Straight Wrist Grab, Cross Wrist Grab and Double Wrist Grab
Yellow – 3 Different Double One Arm Grabs, Unfriendly Handshake and Roman Knuckles
Green – Pulling Wrist Grab, Chicken Wing, Rear Duo Wrist Grab and Versus Punch
Blue – Lapel Grab, Double Lapel Grab, Lapel Grab & Punch, 2 Belt Grabs, Versus Punch, Versus Kick and the impromptu Belt Grab & Punch
Senior Orange – Joint Locks, Model Sparring and Versus Turning Kick
Red – Joint Locks, Model Sparring and Versus Student’s Choice Hammerfist
Senior Red – Impromptus, Impromptu Grabs with Attacks, Versus Student’s and Instructor’s Choice
Brown – Against Wall, Running Attacks Kneeling, Seated, Student’s Choice, 2 Attackers and Instructor’s Choice
Senior Brown – Impromptu Grabs, Versus 1 or 2, Student’s and Instructor’s Choice

Senior Brown Belts demonstrated breaking techniques. Students then received their Belts and Certificates. Advanced students then demonstrated a Sai Form and the class posed for pictures.

The following rank promotions were awarded following the Demonstration:
Yellow – 2
Green – 1
Blue – 2
Purple – 2
Red – 2
Senior Red -2
Brown – 2
Senior Brown – 1