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What are your priorities?

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Students who attend black belt club only and choose not to attend classes are not paying for a class. If you are planning to test for your black belt then you are responsible to learn the required material. The best way to learn is to attend class. Do not call your instructor (or have your parents call) to let me know that you have prioritized something instead of learning the material. Otherwise you have just told me that you have other priorities. Enroll in class, learn the material and take the test.

Sheridan Test, Black Belt Club & Stripe Testing

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

The following rank promotions were given on May 27th, at the Sheridan Test.

Blue Belt – 1
Senior Brown Belt – 1

Afterwards, the Black Belt Club met and stripe testing was held for those getting ready for black belt. Black Belt Club meets on Wednesdays 7:00pm at the Sheridan Rec. Center. Students interested in attending should be Brown (and above) and pay regular facility use. Currently, there are 11 students preparing for 1st degree and 2 preparing for 2nd degree. For those working towards 1st degree, there are five colored belt stripes.

White – Paper turned in.
Yellow – Chung Mu form
Green – Testing experience (watching from tester’s perspective)
Red – Basics
Blue – All Forms (4 Directional Punch to Chung Mu)

The next stripe testing will be held after the next belt test. The next test day is planned to coincide with the Forms in the Park event. Forms in the Park is tentatively set for July. Last year, we demonstrated at the Sheridan Bash Barbeque following Forms in the Park. If people are interested in doing a Barbeque let Mr. R. Kreinbrink, II Dan know by June 12th.

New T-Shirt Available

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

The student artwork for the Sakidokwan of Colorado 2007 has been chosen. Congratulations to B. Durfey who submitted the artwork chosen.

A Funny Thing Happened…

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Last week, I had a student ask me what funny things I have seen while teaching, at different locations, over the years. Well, there was a fire drill during one of my classes and the fire department came. Another time there was a power outage, no lights and no heat, during the middle of winter. During another class there was a white out blizzard. I have taught classes while buildings were under construction. There was a building locked during a thunderstorm and others locked on test nights. I went to visit another school and the instructor never showed, I wound up teaching as a substitute. The funniest thing I remember though was when 3 bears were circling the school. The Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to secure the perimeter. Ironically, that happened on 2 occassions and no students were harmed, during either incident.

Farewell to Young Champions of Colorado

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

YCOC has decided to pull out of Colorado for reasons beyond my control. However, it has been a lot of fun. I started with the company in 1998 and worked in many different areas of the office, including security where needed at events. I became part of their team ironically during a transfer within the Sakidokwan, because my instructor was teaching for Young Olympians Karate, a.k.a. Young Champions of Colorado. In 2003, I became a YCOC instructor myself and taught 2 schools. In 2004, I received full instructor certification and taught 7 schools. In 2005, I was “Instructor of the Year” and taught 9 schools. In 2006, I received another outstanding service award, veteran instructor certification, formed a demo team and taught 10 schools. In 2007, Young Champions of Colorado, Inc. bids Colorado farewell as I continue forward! Come join me and continue forward towards achieving your own Black Belt.

Sensei Robert Kreinbrink, YCOC
Sa Bum Robert Kreinbrink, Sakidokwan