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Demo Team Wows Audience

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Demo Team Students awed the tournament spectators with a Simultaneous Musical Bo Staff & Sword Duel Form performance, at the Denver Tournament on March 4th, as the opening group for the afternoon tournament. Asst. Instructor Mr. Brian Durfey lead the Bo Staff group, composed entirely of Blue & Purple Belts. Sa Bum Mr. Robert Kreinbrink lead the Orange & Above Students, simultaneously through a different form to the same music, as they demonstrated the Bokken on the opposite side of the gymnasium. Everyone attending was given a memorable performance. Some of the other veteran instructors of Young Champions wanted to know where this group was during the Summer 2005 Tournament Demos. Ironically, it didn’t exist, they have trained together for a little over one semester and this was their opening performance.
Go Colorado Young Champions/Sakidokwan Demo Team!!!!