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Friday, February 19th, 2010

The class schedule for Feb. 23rd, 2010, is as follows:

6:00pm to 7:00pm – Class for all students
7:15pm to Finish – Demonstration & Awards

Senior Brown Belts are eligible to demonstrate B. Boards, which are available for $1.00 each.

The new trimester begins the following week, on March 2nd.

CTK Test, Demo and Awards

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Testing at Christ the King was held on May 19th. A total of 14 Students tested for the next belt rank. Additionally, Mr. G. Nakamura, I Dan and 5 Senior Brown Belts attended.

Demonstrations began on May 26th at 7:15pm. Students performed Basics and the Form 4-Directional Punch (Sa-Ju Chireugi) as a Group. Then each rank performed basics and combinations for their level. Highlights included student’s choice combinations of:

Brown – Spinning Reverse Turning Kick + Front + Turning Kick + Turning Back Kick
Senior Brown – 1-Step Jump Front Snap Kick + Tornado Kick + Turning Kick + Turning Back Kick
Some Impromptu Combinations were given by the instructor and students.
Most, additionally, chose to perform another form for the audience. Next students performed self-defense techniques on the instructor. Defenses included:
White – Straight Wrist Grab, Reversed Straight Wrist Grab, Cross Wrist Grab and Double Wrist Grab
Yellow – 3 Different Double One Arm Grabs, Unfriendly Handshake and Roman Knuckles
Green – Pulling Wrist Grab, Chicken Wing, Rear Duo Wrist Grab and Versus Punch
Blue – Lapel Grab, Double Lapel Grab, Lapel Grab & Punch, 2 Belt Grabs, Versus Punch, Versus Kick and the impromptu Belt Grab & Punch
Senior Orange – Joint Locks, Model Sparring and Versus Turning Kick
Red – Joint Locks, Model Sparring and Versus Student’s Choice Hammerfist
Senior Red – Impromptus, Impromptu Grabs with Attacks, Versus Student’s and Instructor’s Choice
Brown – Against Wall, Running Attacks Kneeling, Seated, Student’s Choice, 2 Attackers and Instructor’s Choice
Senior Brown – Impromptu Grabs, Versus 1 or 2, Student’s and Instructor’s Choice

Senior Brown Belts demonstrated breaking techniques. Students then received their Belts and Certificates. Advanced students then demonstrated a Sai Form and the class posed for pictures.

The following rank promotions were awarded following the Demonstration:
Yellow – 2
Green – 1
Blue – 2
Purple – 2
Red – 2
Senior Red -2
Brown – 2
Senior Brown – 1


2nd Annual Martial Arts Demo-Off

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

The 2nd Annual Martial Arts Demo-Off took place at the Sheridan Rec. Center on April 4th, 2009. Students demonstrated different aspects of the martial arts. The free event, which is open to the public, then allows for the audience in attendance to vote for their favorites. The event opened with Mr. Kreinbrink, II Dan performing the form Gae-Baek. 6 students then performed their own demonstrations in a ‘Demo-Off.’ The crowd was then given the opportunity to vote for their favorite student demonstrations. Mr. Kreinbrink, II Dan then closed with a multiple weapon demonstration of 5 different weapons. The fan, escrima/nunchaku, 2 nunchaku, sai and sword, each one following the next. The votes were then tallied. Congratulations to Ms. Burkhart and Ms. Wagner, who received 1st Place for demonstrating Basics and a Staff Form. Mr. Campbell received 2nd Place for his Freestyle Taekwon-Do routine. 3rd Place was a close decision. Ms. K. Kreinbrink received 1/2 a point more from the tally, however, Ms. Lindsey received more top votes. It was determined that 3rd place would go to Ms. Lindsey for her Freestyle routine. (It has also been determined that an honorable mention will be given to Ms. K. Kreinbrink and she will receive a trophy for her Basics routine.) All students who participated in the demonstrations received a participation certificate and a semi-precious gem of approximate color to their belt rank. Many thanks to those who demonstrated Ms. Burhart, Mr. Campbell, Ms. K. Kreinbrink, Mr. L. Kreinbrink, Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Wagner.

Testing, Awards, Donation and Demonstrations

Friday, February 20th, 2009

January 24th, 2009 – Sheridan Test Results
Green Belt – 1
Blue Belt – 1
Purple Belt – 2

February 10th & 17th – CTK Test Results
Yellow Belt – 3
Green Belt – 2
Blue Belt – 2
Sr. Orange Belt – 2
Red Belt – 2
Sr. Red Belt – 2
Brown Belt – 1
Sr. Brown Belt – 1

Feb. 12th – Equipment Donation Sheridan
The Do-Jang donated a Bob-Free Standing Training Bag.

Feb. 17th – CTK Demonstration

Students demonstrated Basics, Combinations, Self-Defense and a Group Form. Advanced class students, additionally, demonstrated the 40 movement Staff Form and Breaking techniques.

April 4th (Tentative) – Free Martial Arts Sheridan Demo-Off

Students will be demonstrating for audience attendees to receive votes on Best performance. Top 3 performances will be awarded a trophy. (See Instructor at class for details and to register.)

Free Martial Arts Demonstration

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

A free martial arts demonstration was held at the Sheridan Rec. on November 1st from 9:30-10:15am. The event opened with a sword demonstration by Mr. Kreinbrink, II Dan. 7 students then performed their own demonstrations in a ‘Demo-Off.’ Student demonstrations included basics, a combination, forms, self-defense, breaking and a weapons demo. The crowd was given the opportunity to vote for their favorite student demonstrations. Mr. Kreinbrink, II Dan then closed with a fan demonstration. The votes were tallied and 3 gemstone trophies were awarded for the 3 top demos, determined by the audience in attendance. Congratulations to Mr. Archuleta for his Nunchaku Form, Mr. Green for his Combination and Won-Hyo Form and Mr. Maxwell, jr. 1st dan for his Self-Defense and Breaking demonstration. Students then posed for pictures. Additionally it was determined that next year a Demo-Off will take place again instead of another tournament. Many thanks to those who demonstrated Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Archuleta, Mr. M. Maxwell, Mr. Thorn, Mr. Green, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Sharp and Mr. L. Kreinbrink.