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2 Years and Counting

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

We have officially held classes at the Sheidan Rec. Center for 2 years straight. Also, a Black Belt Club has started to form meeting once a week. Talk to your instructor at class to learn more.

CTK Fitness Challenge Record Breaking Streak Continues

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Fitness Challenge started the 3rd exercise with another record break. Mr. CC, a Senior Brown Belt completed 51 Frog-Jumps beating the old record of 50 set in August 2007. (Way to Go!)

During the 4th Exercise, 9 students through an amazing display of dedication and perseverance overcame the old record for sit-ups that was set in January 2008.

Mr. LB, Blue Belt – 105 Sit-Ups
Mr. AS, Sr. Brown Belt – 110 Sit-Ups
Ms. SW, Sr. Brown Belt – 110 Sit-Ups
Mr. MW, Sr. Brown Belt 120 Sit-Ups
Mr. GN, Black Belt – 120 Sit-Ups
Ms. JB, Sr. Brown Belt – 130 Sit-Ups
Mr. DW, Sr. Brown Belt – 136 Sit-Ups
Ms. LW, Brown Belt – 153 Sit-Ups
Mr. CC, Sr. Brown Belt – 154 Sit-Ups (New Record)

Congratulations to each student who beat the old record. A five dollar gift certificate towards merchandise purchase will be awarded to each of the 8 students at the end of the Fitness Challenge and Mr. CC will receive a ten dollar gift certificate towards merchandise purchase. The 2 remaining exercises of the Fitness Challenge include Jumping Jacks and Cannon Balls (aka Squat Thrusts.)

2nd Annual Martial Arts Demo-Off

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

The 2nd Annual Martial Arts Demo-Off took place at the Sheridan Rec. Center on April 4th, 2009. Students demonstrated different aspects of the martial arts. The free event, which is open to the public, then allows for the audience in attendance to vote for their favorites. The event opened with Mr. Kreinbrink, II Dan performing the form Gae-Baek. 6 students then performed their own demonstrations in a ‘Demo-Off.’ The crowd was then given the opportunity to vote for their favorite student demonstrations. Mr. Kreinbrink, II Dan then closed with a multiple weapon demonstration of 5 different weapons. The fan, escrima/nunchaku, 2 nunchaku, sai and sword, each one following the next. The votes were then tallied. Congratulations to Ms. Burkhart and Ms. Wagner, who received 1st Place for demonstrating Basics and a Staff Form. Mr. Campbell received 2nd Place for his Freestyle Taekwon-Do routine. 3rd Place was a close decision. Ms. K. Kreinbrink received 1/2 a point more from the tally, however, Ms. Lindsey received more top votes. It was determined that 3rd place would go to Ms. Lindsey for her Freestyle routine. (It has also been determined that an honorable mention will be given to Ms. K. Kreinbrink and she will receive a trophy for her Basics routine.) All students who participated in the demonstrations received a participation certificate and a semi-precious gem of approximate color to their belt rank. Many thanks to those who demonstrated Ms. Burhart, Mr. Campbell, Ms. K. Kreinbrink, Mr. L. Kreinbrink, Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Wagner.