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Summer Fitness Challenge

Friday, July 25th, 2008

The Summer Fitness Challenge has ended. The student who completed the most of each exercise will receive a certificate of excellence and the student with the largest combined score will receive a trophy. During the challenge four new records were set. Seven scores were better than the old records, a $5.00 gift certificate will be given for their outstanding efforts. The next challenge is scheduled for Winter.

Congratulations to all who participated!!!

Forms in the Park – Test – Demonstration

Friday, July 25th, 2008

July 12th events at Sheridan Community Park

    Forms In the Park

(Free Water and Root Beer was provided for all participants)
Empty hand forms 4-Directional Punch through Chung-Mu leader was R. Kreinbrink
Fan Form, Nunchaku Form, Staff Form and Sword Form leader was R. Kreinbrink
Monkey Form leader was G. Nakamura

    Test Results

The following promotions include both youth and adult students.

Green Belt – 1
Purple Belt – 3
Sr. Orange Belt – 1
Sr. Red Belt – 1
Sr. Brown Belt – 1


    Bash Demonstrations at Sheridan Rec.

Brick Break by R. Kreinbrink – 11 Bricks Total (4-Right Palm, 4-Left Palm, 1-Right Axe Kick & 2-Right Stomping Kick)

Broadsword Form by G. Nakamura

(Demonstrations were covered by the local paper.)