Bio – Robert Kreinbrink, III Dan

*Over 16 years of Martial Arts Study (since 1997)
*Over 10 years of Instructing Experience (since 2003)
*Over 1500 Teaching Hours (Actual time with students)
*Taught Over 1000 Students
*Taught Over 30 Schools

*Saki Do Kwan Member (since 1997)
*Participated in First Self-Defense Demo 1998 (Father/Son Night)
*Attended Saki Do Kwan Pickle Gulch Summer Camp 1998 (Colorado)
*Attended Kung-Fu Seminar/Classes 1998 (Colorado)
*Attended Toushi Kan Karate Seminar 1999 (Colorado)

*Attended Saki Do Kwan Big Sandy Summer Camp 1999 (Wyoming)
*Visited Saki Do Kwan Albuquerque Schools 1999 (New Mexico)
*Attended Capoeira Seminar/Classes 2000 (Colorado)
*Attended Saki Do Kwan Hap Ki Do Seminar 2002 (Colorado)
*Attended Kempo/Jujitsu Classes 2002 (Colorado)
*Attended Shotokan Karate Classes 2003 (Colorado)

*Assistant Instructor at Kyffin (2001-2003)
*Attended Saki Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do Seminar/Pre-Testing (New Mexico)
*ITF Member in 2003
*Black Belt Test – Saki Do Kwan Waldport Summer Camp 2003 (Oregon)
*Awarded Title – Saki Do Kwan Colorado State Representative (since 2003)
*Position Awarded – Head Instructor Sheridan, Colorado (since 2003)
*Attended Wushu China Camp 2003 (Colorado)
*Awarded 1st Level Sensei Black Belt/Blue Stripe – Young Champions Karate (Colorado)
*Attended Karate/Aikido Seminar (Colorado)
*Co-Hosted Saki Do Kwan Golden Gate Summer Camp 2004 (Colorado)
*Hap Ki Do 7th GUP Test – Saki Do Kwan Summer Camp 2004 (Colorado)
*Awarded 2nd Level Instructor Certification – Young Champions Karate 2004 (Colorado)
*Attended Kendo/Fan Seminar (Colorado)
*Awarded Title – Instructor of the Year 2005
*Attended Saki Do Kwan Rock Springs Summer Camp 2005 (Wyoming)
*Attended Wushu/Sword Seminar 2006 (Colorado)
*Spring Tournament 2006 – Demo Team (Staff & Bokken)
*Samurai Camp 2006 – Fan Instructor
*Awarded 3rd Level Veteran Belt – Young Champions Karate 2006 (Colorado)
*Awarded Plaque for Outstanding Performance – Young Champions Karate 2006 (Colorado)
*2nd Dan Black Belt Test – Saki Do Kwan Summer 2007
*Received an award for Best School 2007
*Hosted Sheridan TKD Tournament 2008
*Hosted Forms In the Park 2008 (Sheridan Community Park)
Attended Saki Do Kwan Summer Camp 2009
Hosted Saki Do Kwan Summer Camp 2010
*3rd Dan Test – Saki Do Kwan 2014
*Saki Do Kwan Instructor (2003-Current)
Christ the King (Feb. 2007- May 2010 end)
Sheridan Rec. (March 2007- Current)

*Young Champions Instructor (2003- 2007 end)
Bradley (2004-January 2007)
Carson (2003-2006)
Christ the King (2006- January 2007)
Flood (2006-January 2007)
Flood Adv. (2005)
Gust Adv. (2006)
Peiffer (2005)
Sabin Adv. (2005-January 2007)
Welchester (2003-2006)

*Worked 15+ Karate Tournaments
*61+ Demonstrations
Breaking Boards – (Power, Suspended, Technical and Combination)
Breaking Bricks – (Power and Combination)

Empty Hand Forms
Weapons Forms – (Fan, Sai, Nunchaku, Staff and Sword)

Weapons Freestyle – (Escrimas, Nunchaku and Sai)

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