Demonstration was a Success!!

The Sheridan Rec. Center hosted a martial arts demonstration, held in the gymnasium, on July 30th. There were 17 in attendance, including 13 beginners. The demonstrations included board breaking, brick breaking and a black belt nunchaku form. Those who attended were able to vote for the 2 demonstrations of their choice to be given by Sa Bum Robert Kreinbrink, II Dan. The students who attended the workshop and assisted the 13 beginners have been promoted to Assistant Instructors and their breaking stats have been updated accordingly. Congratulations on giving a good demonstration for those in attendance. Hope to see you at the next MA Demo on August 6th.

One Response to “Demonstration was a Success!!”

  1. Mr. Kreinbrink says:

    6 beginners complimented me as we were leaving about how much they enjoyed themselves. =)