Saki Do Kwan Bylaws

I. Mission Statement
The Saki Do Kwan is dedicated to the preservation of the traditional values of Tae Kwon Do: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, indomitable spirit; to the goal of promoting Tae Kwon Do as a complete martial art focusing on the complete application of mind, body & spirit, including self defense, self confidence, physical fitness, mental conditioning, stress management, and self discipline; and to the policy of non-commercialism and support of the individual instructor.

II. Bylaws
1. The Saki Do Kwan is an organization designed to support instructors and students of Tae Kwon Do by means of certification, technical assistance and training, advanced testing and group affiliation.

2. The Saki Do Kwan is a democratic organization in which each individual instructor has a part in the making of policy, rules and regulations, and organizational structure. This includes submission of suggestions to the board of directors, and representation, by vote, in any general election.

3. The Saki Do Kwan shall be governed by a board of directors, consisting of no more than five ranking black belts within the Kwan. Board members, once slected, serve an unlimited term, until such time as they choose to retire or resign. A board member may elect to retire or resign at any time they see fit. If a board position becomes vacant it shall be filled by a ranking black belt within the Kwan, by general election and ratification by the remaining board memebrs.

4. The Saki Do Kwan shall be a non-partisan organization and shall in no way interfere with the running of any school, academy, or club.

5. To become an authorized member of the Saki do Kwan, an instructor or black belt must be recommended to the board of directors by a member instructor. Once accepted, if the black belt runs a school, academy or club, a letter of acceptance and official lifetime school charter will be issued to the instructor. Once a school charter is issued to an instructor, the instructor and all students of the instructor automatically become members of the Saki Do Kwan. If the b;lack belt is independent, a letter of acceptance will be issued to the black belt.

6. The Saki Do Kwan shall confer upon qualified black belts the honor of instructor based upon review of the black belt’s ability and/or recommendation of the black belt’s instructor.

7. All certified Saki Do Kwan instructors are authorized to develop their own curriculum for the purpose of training and testing. Each instructor is responsible for the development of a systematic and progressive curriculum, up to one rank below their holding rank. The curriculum should be both challenging and provide an opportunity for success.

8. All certified Saki Do Kwan instructors are authorized to train and test their own students up to one rank below the instructor’s holding rank.

9. All rank advancement up to 3rd Dan black belt will be based upon a formal test and instructor’s recommendation.

10. All rank advancement for 4th dan black belt and above is honorary and based not upon a formal test but upon one’s contribution to the art of Tae Kwon Do. Advancement will be granted after recommendation by the student’s instructor or a member of the board of directors and ratification by the board of directors.

11. Black Belts holding the rank of 1st through 3rd Dan in need of testing may do so by contacting a Saki Do Kwan instructor of one rank above that for which they wish to test, or may test under the board of directors by contacting one of the members of the board. Testing by the board may be done in person or by videotape. When requesting a test, the black belt must demonstrate the appropriate requirements as specified by the instructor or board memebr under which they will test, and pay any appropriate fees.

12. The Saki Do Kwan shall provide Dan testing at cost for all instructors. A nominal fee will be assessed to cover the cost of certificates, belts, related materials, time and/or rent.

13. Each individual instructor has the right to create their own test fee schedule as they deem appropriate to their situation. This test fee will be retained by the instructor for use in their school, academy or club.

14. Each individual instructor has the right to issue Gup certificates in their own name but Dan certificates must be requested from the Saki Do Kwan board of directors. Official Saki Do Kwan Gup certification is available from the board of directors if the instructor wishes to issue them.

15. The Saki Do Kwan shall confer upon qualified blacks belts with the rank of 5th Dan through 8th Dan the title of Master Instructor.

16. The Saki Do Kwan shall confer upon qualified blacks belts with the rank of 9th Dan the title of Grand Master Instructor.

17. All Saki Do Kwan related materials including, but not limited to, Dan certificates, school charters, patches and belts will be provided to each individual instructor at cost plus shipping and the appropriate tax.

18. Amendments to the Saki Do Kwan Bylaws may be made only by presenting the amendment in general election among all instructors (with a 3/4 majority vote to pass) and ratification by a unaminous vote of the board of directors.

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